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    #VoteTogether + SLSV

  • What We Do

    What is #VoteTogether + SLSV?


    Making Participation a Celebration

    Organized by Civic Nation, #VoteTogether works with local organizations to make voting community-driven and celebratory. Together with state and local partners, #VoteTogether is creating a new culture of civic engagement rooted in celebration and fun. Launched as a pilot in 2016, #VoteTogether celebrations were shown to boost turnout by four percentage points! In 2018, #VoteTogether is working with local organizations across the country to host non-partisan, community-driven celebrations of voting at or near polling places. The events are focused on fun for everyone, and will have free food and snacks, music, and games.

    How Does SLSV Fit In?

    Turning Registered Students into Voters

    The SLSV Coalition is supporting our large network of campus and organizational partners by providing one-on-one support and campus-specific resources to partners interested in implementing the #VoteTogether initiative. We know that many college and university campuses across the country already promote voter registration among their students, but we can't stop there. Ensuring that students feel confident and informed enough to vote and then actually turn out to vote is just as important. By creating a collective atmosphere of fun and by fostering the idea of voting as a norm, the SLSV Coalition hopes to inspire college students across the country to exercise their right to participate in our democracy. The benefits of becoming a #VoteTogether partner include: access to planning and outreach materials, one-on-one support, and assistance with local fundraising. Participation in #VoteTogether is completely free--simply fill out the form below to learn more!